SFAI Portugal

Member of Santa Fe International Associates

"Any event in an organization, no matter how simple or complex, consists of ideas and behaviors."
Behaviors arise from ideas, and ideas arise from behaviors. Effective organizations are derived from the effective interaction between them..”


Chairman of the Board

Who we are?

Santa Fé Associates International – SFAI GLOBAL, a member of the IFAC Forum of Firms, is a network, not just an association, of independent international audit, consulting and accounting firms.

Currently, SFAI GLOBAL is present in 115 countries, represents more than 14,000 professionals and is among the 20 largest consulting and auditing firms in the world, according to the 2021 Survey of the International Accounting Bulletin.

We provide professional services worldwide that help our clients develop better business strategies, with expertise in key areas and outsourcing services that free up time to focus on the core activities that add the most value to their firms.

Our services

We sell knowledge. We offer credibility

Consulting & Accounting

  • Accounting reports
  • Financial statements
  • Treasury plan
  • Tax returns
  • Tax framework and optimization


  • Management audit of public entities
  • Internal audit
  • Non-financial audit
  • Support external audit teams
  • Support the implementation of the measures recommended by the inspection bodies


  • Risk mitigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Economic studies of financial viability

Business services

  • Start of new firms
  • Business evaluation
  • Support for obtaining bank loans and applying for EU funds

Payroll & Human Resources

  • Hiring
  • Salaries
  • Subsidies
  • Employee bonuses and awards

Office services and company headquarters

  • Administrative services
  • Domiciliation of headquarters
  • Telephone
  • Meeting rooms

Why choose SFAI Portugal?


We behave honorably, with moral and ethical principles in all aspects of our work


Our team is always ready to serve you and answer your questions. Your activity faces problems, we offer the solutions


Each member of our team has at least 5 years of experience. We use our knowledge to help you make the right decisions


We constantly reassess processes to ensure effectiveness. Your activity is at the top of our priorities

Whatever your activity needs, SFAI is proud to be able to serve you in any corner of the world.